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Clinical Trials Overview

Clinical trials are an investigative research study to bring safety and effectiveness to new medicinal practices. At RS Oncology, we are dedicated to advancing cancer research and providing patients with access to breakthrough, tolerable therapies. Patient volunteers help us improve our knowledge and innovative treatments, as we strive to offer new hope and make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.


Referral Process

Patients diagnosed with Malignant Pleural Effusion, including mesothelioma and metastatic disease to the lung, are qualified to participate in Phase 1/2 of clinical trial. Below are additional eligibility requirements for the MITOPE clinical trial:

  • 18 years or older

  • Has ECOG PS ≤ 1

  • Has IPC installed or is a good candidate for IPC installation

  • Currently has or is expected to have progressive disease


Patients must be referred through healthcare providers to participate in clinical trials. 


Clinical trial sites are currently offered in 4 locations throughout the United Kingdom. Ask your healthcare provider for more information. 

Image by CDC

Safety & Tolerability

We value the safety, tolerability, and toxicity profile of our clinical trials because transparency is our top priority. Before enrolling in clinical trials, patients must be fully informed of the potential benefits and risks of the medicine. Eligible patient benefits:

  • Access to treatment with a new drug option not widely available

  • Drug targets cancer tumours only

  • Sponsor covers trial related out-of-pocket patient expenses

  • Contribute to advancements in cancer research to improve cancer population outcomes

  • Play an active role in own health


Risks of Participating:

  • Requires more time and commitment with additional appointments, protocols, and procedures

  • There may be unknown outcomes with minor to serious or life-threatening side effects to treatments

  • The treatment may not be effective for the patient.


Things to Consider

Your participation can help you and create breakthroughs in medicines and treatments for cancer patients across the world. 


It is important to discuss your options with your healthcare provider, ask questions, and ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about your participation.

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