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Advancing metabolic
precision medicine
in cancer treatment


Developing novel drugs utilizing patients' enzymes that interrupt metabolic pathways to eliminate cancers.

Targeting the underlying mechanisms driving cancerous tumor growth with a focus on rare diseases.

Checking Blood Pressure

Our highly targeted medicines cause an increase of oxidative stress in cancer cells but not in healthy cells.

Our fight against cancer starts with the 15% of cancer patients suffering from pleural effusion.

United States


Approximately 150,000 cancer patients in the US develop metastatic pleural effusion each year



Approximately 250,000 cancer patients in the EU develop metastatic pleural effusion each year

Impact and Reach

Innovative scientific discoveries from two academic labs along with a large body of peer reviewed research suggests our mechanism of action is fundamental for all cancer growth.

RS Oncology is developing novel drugs to bring new therapeutic options to patients who otherwise have failed all available treatments.

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